I don’t think I would ever be ok with the way “the Annie of it all” was dealt with by the writers. Poor Annie!  Always the one who gets rejected or humiliated or compromises for the group.

Dan Harmon should include a “Jeff of it all” clip show in season 6. It is only fair. :)

I might be the only one who feels like this but “m’lord m’lady ” in Jeff/Annie fan fiction makes me cringe. I find it too cheesy in written form. Also, I can’t imagine Jeff calling Annie honey, babe, sweetheart etc. ever. Maybe he will have one secret name for Annie which he uses when they are being intimate which sounds plausible. Most of the relationship fics strip them off their quirks and make them so generic, they don’t sound like Jeff and Annie at all.

On an unrelated note, I find the way Jeff says “Annie!” when he is annoyed with her very sexy.

PS: I am not a writer.